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Oster 76023-510 Fast Feed Hair Clipper

Oster 76023-510 Fast Feed Hair Clipper

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* Oster hair clipper for barbers

* Powerful Whisper-Quiet pivot motor which has twice the power of a magnetic motor

* Compact and lightweight design

* Adjustable clipper blade

* Adjusts from very close cutting (size 000) to medium length (size 1)

* Specially designed lower clipper blade allows hair to flow into the cutting blades for fast and accurate cutting

* This kit includes: - fast Feed Adjustable clipper

- clipper blade guard

- 4 guide combs (1/2", 1/4", 3/8", blending)

- clipper blade oil

- cleaning brush

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By Dan
Crown Point , In
April 24, 2016
The best
this is my 3rd one. they can't be beat.
Prosspeed and price
By Adam
April 2, 2016
Awesome clipper!
I have had an Oster Adjusta-Groom clipper (identical to the Fast Feed) for about nine years and I absolutely love it. I have been cutting my own hair for ten years, and my first clipper was a $12 discount store special. It didn't have enough power and would bog down in my coarse hair, but worst of all, the guards did not fit securely. The first time I used it, the guard came off and I gave myself a reverse Mohawk! I then, of course, had to buzz my head bald. (Boy, were my parents surprised!) Soon after that embarrassing experience, I bought the Oster and have been thrilled with its performance and quality. The guards fit tight and don't rattle or come off and the motor is incredibly quiet and powerful. The blades cut level and don't snag or pull or leave any uncut hairs behind. I use it mostly on myself, but have given a few friends haircuts as well. One of my friends had hair like a sheep and this clipper went through it like a hot knife through butter; his hair was over six inches long and I gave him a 1/2 inch buzz cut. Another friend wanted a Mohawk and the Oster without a guard worked great for shaving the sides down. Personally, I use the blending guard (2mm) for my buzz cut. I buzz my hair once a week because I like how it looks and I love how it feels; it's like velvet. Owning a quality clipper makes it possible for me to get a fresh haircut whenever I want, however I want, for free, with no appointment necessary. It's fast, easy, and fun! If you're thinking about getting a buzz cut, I encourage you to stop thinking about it, buy an Oster Fast Feed, and do it yourself. The Fast Feed clipper comes with just four guards, a cleaning brush, and some oil for the blades, but for basic buzz cuts, that's all you need. Forget those so-called home haircut kits that include noisy magnetic-motor clippers, cheap scissors, a crummy comb, a paper-thin barber cape, and a flimsy storage case; you don't need any of that junk. You need a quality clipper that will last you decades, and the Oster Fast Feed clipper is it. As for storage, I keep mine in a tackle box; the dividers keep my clipper, guards, oil bottle, and cleaning brush neat and organized and ready to go at home or away from home. I love having a buzz cut; it's low maintenance, feels good, looks cool and it keeps me cool,and having the right tools to do it myself makes me love my buzz cut even more. Well done, Oster!
ProsPowerful, quiet (won't scare kids!), durable, reliable, small and lightweight, fantastic blades, does not snag or pull hair, taper lever allows you to do fades and fine-tune length of cut, guards are secure and don't scratch your scalp, heavy-duty grounded cord, made in USA!
ConsOccasionally, a hair gets caught between the upper and lower blades, causing the clipper to not cut, but it's easy to fix; just move the taper lever up and down while the clipper is running and it will work the hair out. This can happen with any clipper, however. Blades get warm with prolonged use, but not hot enough to cause discomfort. You'll only feel it when not using a guard. Does not include a storage case, but a tackle box works great. Only includes guards up to 1/2 inch, but you can buy longer guards if you want. These issues are really nothing to worry about.
By Kevin
February 5, 2016
Great clipper at a great price
I bought the Fast Feed for personal use at home, along with their plastic comb guide kit.  I've been using it for about 1.5 years now.  This clipper is powerful and smooth, with little vibration.  It has a quality feel and weight to it.  I'm now able to achieve a quality haircut at home in 30 minutes, and it has paid for itself after three cuts.  I dropped it once on a tile floor; no damage.  I store it in the box it came in, and can fit the comb kit in there too.  This clipper should last me decades.
By Stephen
Titusville FL
December 20, 2014
Happy customer
Iam not a Barber. After doing a lot of comparisons I decided on the fast feed clippers and am very glad I did. The clippers perform very well, smooth and quiet, comb attachments are easy to use, clippers had no problem going through my thick long hair and did not notice them getting hot like some others claim. VERY happy with my new clippers
By Rudolph Hennigan
United States
November 1, 2014
Just as advertised.
a great pr of clippers. everything the ad says is good. ship fast, came in good shape. not a scratch on them (new). I don't see any fault with them.
By smoova
April 1, 2013
Oster 76023-510 Fast Feed Hair Clipper
I'm mot a barber, but these clippers do a very good job. They are nice and quiet.
By Beth
Statesville, NC
October 9, 2012
opinion on fast feed guards
I love the fast feed clippers themselves. My only quibble is the guards especially the #3 guard, they chip in the upper right of the guard, even without any above and beyond use. I have had to buy 2 sets (since they don't sell them individually). And I am quite aggravated. .
By Brett
Kansas City
May 16, 2012
Oster 76023-510
I have had these clippers for about two months and they have been flawless. I buzz my hair very close and they work well for this - my only complaint (and I knew this when purchasing) is that they do not go down to the 00000 level which is about as short as you can get. Other than that I have no problem believing that these will not last a lifetime if properly cared for.
By dink
Owings Mills, MD.
April 29, 2012
fast feed
this is an excellent clipper, it tapers perfectly. the only downside is they got really hot, really fast, after around twenty minutes[just finishing a cut]. keep an extra pair of clippers around to change out.
Prosgreat taper tool and blade adjustment
Consgets hot fast
By Trinh
Milpitas, ca
February 22, 2012
Excellence clipper
This is the only clipper that I've been using for many many years. This clipper last for long time and it would cut through thick and thin hair. I have bought at least 10 sets as a give for loved ones.
ConsNo cons on this one

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