Oster ClipMaster 78150-013 Variable Speed

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Our Guarantee
* Perfect for detailed clipping on horses, lambs and cattle, these lightweight, cool-running, versatile clippers will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

* Infinite speed settings and an adjustable tension knob make these clippers easy to use. Available with standard blades and a longer cutting blade for surgical cuts for hogs and cattle.

* Case included

* Heavy Duty 2 speed clipper for body clipping

* Slower speed for face and legs, Faster speed for body and tough areas

* Comes in a tool box for convenient storage

**** All Clippers Include Cryogen-X?AgION?Blade with Antimicrobial - Reduces the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. ****

*This is VERY large clipper weighing about 3.25 lb with about 12" in length

*Replacement Blades to fit this clipper

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